The actual term, “shaman” refers to medicine men or women who are the healers, teachers and sages. It is an ancient spiritual and healing practice found throughout the Americas and all traditional cultures in the world – India, Tibet, Russian, Central Europe and practiced most actively today in the Americas.


Shamanic healing practices help us reconnect to the earth and to our own inner nature so that in so doing, we can discover that we are not walking the world alone, but are fully supported by an inexhaustible resource – spiritually, energetically, emotionally.


“Shamanism is based on the teachings of the earth, of direct communication with nature. The shaman puts the soul back into the world and helps creates a world that talks back to us, one in which we hear the trees, rivers, mountains and clouds speak to us. This medicine man is a link to the ancient, ancestral knowledge, bringing balance back to the Earth and back to where our own, individual souls reside.


Shamanism is founded on the stewardship of the Earth, of the feminine, and of service to all living beings. It is not a religion, as there is no Buddha or Christ whose footsteps you are encouraged to follow. Instead, shamanism teaches you to follow your own footsteps, to learn directly from Source, to honor the Christ and the Buddha as well as other spiritual mentors who cross your path for your edification.


Shamans teach us to develop our minds, our own wills, and our own power and bring them into the world – in short, they teach us how to be medicine men and women in our own right.”–Alberto Villoldo, PhD


What is Shamanism and Core Shamanism?
Shamanism is the most ancient form of spirituality on the planet. It is where information and healing are sought in parallel planes of existence by traveling between states of consciousness.


Commonly Held Shamanic Beliefs


  1.  Everything is interconnected. Everything that is, is alive.
  2. There is an alternative reality happening concurrently which is often called the “Spiritual World”.
  3. Shamans can enter the Spirit world freely with intention.
  4. We are not alone. We have Spirit helpers.
  5. Energy has a unique footprint and vital force.
  6. It is possible to do service work while in the Spiritual Realm that will have direct effect on “ordinary” reality.


Core Shamanism


Core Shamanism consists of the universal, near-universal, and common features of shamanism, together with journeys to other worlds, a distinguishing feature of shamanism. As originated, researched, and developed by Michael Harner, the principles of core shamanism are not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective.


Extractions- Removing intrusions from your energy field


As we go through life, most of us encounter negativity in some way or find things “stuck” to us that just don’t belong. If these energies hang around for very long, they may start to cause issues such as illness, bad luck, etc. If this is happening, then consulting with a shamanic practitioner for extraction and “powering up” can help.


Extraction is the other side of shamanic healing work as compared to restoring power. It involves scanning of the subtle body for energies that do not belong. The intruding energy is then removed and safely put in a place where it can be transmuted (changed in form). Removal of these energies make it is easier to find health of body, mind and spirit.


Restoring Power – Power Animal Retrieval – Returning strength and resilience


One of the most common underlying beliefs in Shamanism is that a person who is having serious difficulties has lost some or most of their personal power and possibly the connection with their Spirit Protector.


There are a number of ways the Spirits work with the practitioner to return power to someone. The most well-known is the Power Animal Retrieval. The shamanic practitioner travels to the Spiritual Realms to seek a compassionate helping spirit willing to return to ordinary reality with her/him to be of aid to the client.


“I blend my knowledge and experience in myofascial release bodywork, meditation, energy healing, and shamanic modalities to create a healing experience like nothing you’ve felt before. Step into your soul power by healing all parts of you to live a life more fulfilled, joyous, and pain free!

We each have the power to heal ourselves, our body is magnificent. I am a healer that helps facilitate you tapping into the healing power inside of you. Anything and everything is possible.”


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