Pricing for My Services is as follows:

(Discounts available for Military, Police/Fire, & Teachers–please inquire)


Myofasical Release

Initial MFR Session & Evaluation
(75 min) – $150/session

Myofascial Release
(60 min) – $144/session

 Scar Tissue Release Massage
(60 min) – $144/session

Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy (CFT)
CHILD –  $108/session

Energy Healing & Shamanic Healing

Sacred Soul Healing Sessions: 90-120min
Modalities used in a session: Myofascial Release Therapy, Sacred Soul Coaching, dialoging, energy healing, sound healing with crystal bowls and tuning forks, shamanic journeying, meditation/breathing techniques, and cacao to help open the heart. Suggested donation $188-$444. Check out my new website for free videos and additional information:

Reiki & Energy Healing
(In-Person & Distance) – $144/session

Power Animal Retrieval, Extractions & Power Up (60-75min) – $144 

Myofascial Release

A manual therapy approach in which I locate restrictions in your myofascial system, gently releasing them to improve function, minimize pain, and restore an optimal life experience.


Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the use of Universal Life Force Energy transmitted through the light touch of an attuned practitioner.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing helps us to reconnect to the earth and to our own inner nature so that in so doing, we can discover that we are not walking the world alone, but are fully supported.


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