Pricing for my services is as follows:

Myofasical Release

Initial MFR Session & Evaluation
(75 min) – $180/session

Myofascial Release
(60 min) – $144/session

 Scar Tissue Release Massage
(60 min) – $144/session

Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy (CFT)
INFANT (45 min)–  $111/session

Energy Healing & Shamanic Healing

Sacred Soul Healing Sessions

Reiki & Energy Healing

Power Animal Retrieval


Power Up

Please contact me directly regarding my healing services by visiting my Shamanic Healing site:

What is Myofascial Release Therapy? (MFR)

As a primary focus of my practice, I employ a manual therapy approach in which I locate restrictions in your myofascial system, gently releasing them to improve function, minimize pain, and restore an optimal life experience.

Upcoming Events


Join me for this three-day wellness retreat led by highly acclaimed experts, including
Deepak Chopra, John Amaral, Ryland Engelhart and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz. Learn more by clicking here for details online or download a PDF itinerary here.

Tanya Colucci Myofascial Release Therapist

Yoga, Reiki, Meditation & Sound/Shamanic Healing

The body is not only nourished by food, water and air but also by our unique “Life Force Energy” that flows through and around it. I use numerous techniques to achieve an end result of health, wellness and personal optimization.


or call 202-812-4242

ancestors within tanya colucci

Courses and Books

Tanya has collaborated with 25 other healers to write a book on the “Ancestors” and healing. Stay tuned for more information or head on over to and get a copy for yourself!

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