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These are some of my favorite collaborators who complement my skills and teachings. I encourage you to work with us together or reach out to any of these terrific practitioners to experience their unique style, or contact me directly and I can work to create a magical experience working together as one!



    Candace and I are long-time collaborators and combine shamanic energy together with sound and cacao to enhance an already amazing healing experience. Candace left a busy career on the trading floors of Europe to focus her full-time energies on sharing the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Sound Healing, Shamanic Reiki, and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies. Together, we look forward to sharing these inspiring healing modalities. Her business, Soul Fire Social, is a platform to share these ancient techniques and offer opportunities for us to join together in practice and as a community. She believes that by increasing our awareness, improving our physical & emotional health, and living more consciously, we can improve the quality of our own lives and those around us. Together, we can help raise the vibration across this beautiful planet and be a positive part of the ongoing dimensional transition.

    Kimberly Harper / The Soulfull Remedy

    Kimberly is a plant-based chef devoted to creating memorable connections through food while providing healthy, flavorful, organic, NON-GMO, locally grown goodness. She is devoted to helping others understand that healthy and delicious foods can be synonymous. She blends her extensive medical background with her passion for cooking as a personal chef preparing tasty, nutritious meals for clients and catered events.

    Kimberly Harper

    Kimberly and I recently collaborated on a summer mountain retreat in 2022 called “Expanding Your Intuition: Healing & Growth Through Deepening Your Spiritual Connectionwhich we hope to bring back in 2023. For more information, check out the event details on my sister site Sacred Soul Guidance and stay tuned for our next event!

    Jessica Golden / Sovereign Essence

    Jessica Golden of Sovereign Essence focuses her practice on Psycho-Spiritual & Integration Coaching, Spiritual Guidance & facilitation through Shamanic Reiki, Yoga Asana, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing, and Sacred Ceremony.

    Jessica Golden Sovereign Essence

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